Mineral Concentrate 4-Pack

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Mineral Concentrate 4-pack
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4 -2oz bottles of Mineral Concentrate.
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    I have been taking this for almost a year now and I do feel less tired but the thing that excites me most is my hair is growing back. I had Graves Disease and had to have my thyroid destroyed and I lost some of my hair in spots. It is starting to grow back in front and I believe the other areas will fill in, too. It's a great product. Thank you.
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    I am re-ordering the mineral concentrate. It is really easy to take, and helps me to eliminate, first thing in the morning. I sleep better at night & overall feel healthier. I shared some of my drops, (with very ill friend) while on vacation. She noticed an immediate difference & it was obvious in her appearance and color in her face. We prayed for a miracle & I believe the miracle was wisdom from God to use this product....Thank You & Jesus Bless Your company!
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    In the few years I have been taking these minerals; I have developed a stronger immune system and sleep more soundly at night. These minerals are a God-send & work at a cellular level... I love them, recommend them. Thank the Lord for the mineral concentrate; as well as blessing the MHC company. Thank You... Sandra, from CA
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