Dr's Essential Pack

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Mineral Concentrate-- has a rich Fulvic Acid base, which provides maximum cell absorption. Fulvic Acid also binds with toxic elements in the cells, and helps move those toxins out of the body.
Omega-3--Omega-3 Fish Oil used in this enteric coated softgel is odor controlled and molecularly distilled for purity. 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA.
Solu-C(120 ct)-- Uniquely important to every major system in the body, vitamin C is a primary antioxidant that fights the damage of free radicals
Vita Sprout--a superior multi-vitamin high in B-complex vitamins from organic vegetable sprouts, the most potent form of nutrients possible. Contains green tea extract to boost the body’s natural healing ability.
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    When I saw this essential pkg offered on TV tonight, I lept to my feet and ordered immediately. Can't wait to receive. I was looking for some supplements and this package appears to be an excellent combo. Don't like to take a lot of supplements (dislike swallowing them all) so this should work perfectly and keep me consistent on a daily basis. Thanks for the great prices. Looking forward to receiving. God bless!
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