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• Premium digestive enzyme product specifically designed to ensure optimal digestion and maximum nutrient absorption.
• Rapidly integrated into the system to promote your system’s digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
• Suitable for vegetarians.
• Essential for proper digestion of food and should be taken with meals.

90 Tablets
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    Multi-Enzymes are a miracle in a bottle.I can't go a day without the benifits of taking such a wonderful product.Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux.Everything the doctor prescribed only caused me more problems . My body just couldn't take the synthetic properties of the perscribed drugs and their side effects.Thanks to the Multi-Eynzmes taken before my first meal of the day I can now enjoy life without stomach discomfort.I even sleep better without waking with Heart burn.It has been a life saver for me. Lachelle Conley,Indiana
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    I have used these for about 18 years-If I don't have them I will beltch and beltch - I will not be without them - when I run out - I have tried others and never get the same results - don't run out now - haven't found anything to compare - at any price
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    I'm awaiting surgery for an umbilical hernia. The painful stomach aches had gotten so bad. One day I thought I would take these faithfully after every meal, along with the enzyme ease on an empty stomach. My stomach aches have stopped. I'm still having to have the repair on the hernia but I am pain free until I can get in to have it done. These multi zines are a life saver and I will continue to take them every single meal.
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