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2- Liquid Multi Gels
***THIS ITEM ON BACKORDER- PACKAGE NOT AVAILABLE*** A quality Multi-Vitamin Mineral Supplement in a softgel capsule. Making Healthy Choices Liquid Multi gels are a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals. They are a fast absorbing dietary supplement which contains Lutein, Lycopene and Organic Flax Seed Oil.
• Iron Ferrochel* is a registered trademark of Albion Labs
• AAC**= Amino Acid Chelate
#12 60 gel caps Receive 2 Bottles with this Pack
1- Mineral Concentrate is a 2 ounce liquid mineral supplement which contains trace minerals.

Add 10 drops to purified water or juice for maximum cell function to provide the body with an actual spark, including better focus, and a substantial increase in energy!

The rich Fulvic Acid base, provides maximum cell absorption, and also binds with toxic elements in the cells, which helps move those toxins out of the body.
#75 2oz liquid
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