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NUTRITION BITES PACKAGE 6 PEANUT BUTTER Made with GMO FREE SOY These delicious bites consist of more than just nutrients to help you maintain your health. We've added chromium to help maintain blood sugar levels that are within the normal range. Digestive enzymes speed up weight loss by encouraging thorough digestion. As a result nothing is left to be stored as fat. We've included lecithin, the minerals zinc and copper, to strengthen the skin. Amino acids are included for their ability to convert fat to muscle. The amino acid carnitine is particularly helpful because of its well-known ability to burn fat, especially when combined with exercise. "Nutrition Bites" are highly nutritious, contain essential fatty acids that are good for you and are high in appetite-supressing fiber. The only fats contained in our "Nutrition Bites" are the "good" kinds the body needs to maintain a healthy nervous system, which helps eliminate fats the body doesn't need. Only trace amounts of natural honey and brown rice syrup have been used as sweeteners.

1 Bag = Approx. 1.8lbs.(70-80 pieces)

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