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Mineral Concentrate has a rich Fulvic Acid base, which provides maximum cell absorption. Fulvic Acid also binds with toxic elements in the cells, and helps move those toxins out of the body.
Flaxseed Oil (120 ct) is a plant source Omega-3 Fatty Acid derived for Certified Organically Grown crops, extracted by the cold press method.
Solu-C(120 ct): Uniquely important to every major system in the body, vitamin C is a primary antioxidant that also feeds the immune system.
Vita-Sprout Caps: High in B-complex vitamins from organic vegetable sprouts, the most potent form of nutrients possible.Provides a completely natural step up to a whole new level of nutritional support. Replenished the depleted vitamins and minerals that insure one’s system is operating at its maximum. Contains green tea extract to boost the body’s natural healing ability.
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    When I saw this essential pkg offered on TV tonight, I lept to my feet and ordered immediately. Can't wait to receive. I was looking for some supplements and this package appears to be an excellent combo. Don't like to take a lot of supplements (dislike swallowing them all) so this should work perfectly and keep me consistent on a daily basis. Thanks for the great prices. Looking forward to receiving. God bless!
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