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Making Healthy Choices Mineral Concentrate is a 2 ounce liquid mineral supplement which contains trace minerals.
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Add 10 drops to purified water or juice for maximum cell function to provide the body with an actual spark, including better focus, and a substantial increase in energy!

The rich Fulvic Acid base, provides maximum cell absorption, and also binds with toxic elements in the cells, which helps move those toxins out of the body.
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    Customer Reviews

    Hello.I just started taking the Mineral concentrate to feel better. I have wanted to try this for some years.Now after taking Mineral Concentate I have to say it is very good, increasing my energy and helping me to focus better.I am so happy with the product.Thank you Dr. Rodriguez !

    Pat from Indiana.
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    I've been taking mineral concentrate for approx. 3 yrs. now & try to stay stocked up. It keeps my immune system strong & lives up to it's claims. I drink it every morning upon arising in a full glass of distilled or Smart water, (along with prayer) which gets my day off to a great start! Thank You MHC! & may the Lord Bless your company!
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    This product is very good, it also cleans you out real good. My hair and nails are growing nicely. I recommend this product very highly!
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