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Little Angels Chewable-Now Sugar-Free!
**Newly reformulated! Same fruity taste with 23 essential vitamin blend, combined with minerals and trace elements in their proper proportion.
• A children’s multi-vitamin and mineral.
• Contains no artificial colors and flavors.
• Contains vitamins D and K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, selenium, and other minerals.
*Gluten Free*

60 Tablets

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    Customer Reviews

    My grand daughter is 12. She has taken Little Angels since she was less than a year old. Her best friend has taken them when she was visiting. Little Angels is a part of their growing up memories. They don't seem to have the common health problems as other children. We love all your products. My Mother, Mother-in-law, husband have been a customer of most of MHC for approx 25 years. Mineral Rich was instrumental in curing my Mother-in-law of numbness in her feet. This "stuff" is a wonderful. We never get sick!!!
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    My three sons age four, six and eight all love the taste! They think the angel shape is really neat also. The oldest one stopped having bloody noses after using these vitamins, and they all seem healthier.
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    My 3 years old daughter loves taking this Vitamins. Since it shape like an Angel she think it make her help fly.. :) She loves the flavor , she doesnt really eat breakfast but drink milk and by taking this vitamin every morning it makes her strong and never get sick for entire year.. Thanks !
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