OPTIMAX (Eye health)

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• Ocular specific nutritional support.
• Helps to nutritionally support the health of the lens and the retina.
• May assist in nighttime visual acuity and responsiveness to glare.

120 Tablets
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    Customer Reviews

    In 1998 I had completely lost my vision in one eye and by the next year, almost all of my vision in the other. I was given this treatment on 3 separate occasions with little results. I took Vita Sprout, MineralRich and Optimax for 3 months and most of my sight returned! These products are awesome! Dawn
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    My father has macular degeneration so I looked to MHC Life several years ago to help me make sure I don't get it.My prescription has only changed slightly and I am so thrilled with this product because I no longer have a problem driving at night. Thanks for a great product that really works! Jan, MI
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