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JointAssure Plus
• Promotes hydration, which helps joint mobility.
• Healing is promoted in the bones as well as in the cartilage.
• Promotes healthy bones, teeth and collagen; has a positive role in the treatment of inflammatory joint disease.

120 Capsules
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    Customer Reviews

    I had problems with my fingers. My job requires keyboard work. I started Joint Assure, but only tok 2 tablets daily along with my MHC supplements. It relieved pain, but did not stop the "trigger fingers". Out of frustration, I added an additional tablet to my evening regiment. HALLELUJAH! That did it. No more trigger finger!!!!. No more pain.!!!! The bottle says 3 tablets daily.
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    I heard about your products through a family member. I thought I give your products a try. I bought and tried your Joint Assure Plus to see if it could help with pain I suffered in my knees and feet. After one week, I realized that I stood all the way from home to work on the train, which is about an hour, with NO PAIN! Then a week later, I was SHOCKED when I realized that I RAN down a flight of stairs to catch a train! I hadn't been able to do that for YEARS! This product is fantastic. Wish I known about MHC Life sooner. Thank you!
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